One in a million

Other regions of the world, such as Europe, are much further along than the US in meeting the growing demand for micro-housing; for instances, see and

So far we’ve discovered only three other US communities remotely like the one I live in: long-term residences providing furnished rooms, serving chef-prepared meals every day, affordable to those of modest means, and open to all ages, not just students or senior citizens (the only populations for which microhousing is currently well known and accepted in the United States).

The Kenmore and the Monroe are residential hotels open to short-term rental by travelers as well.

  1. Kenmore Hotel, San Francisco
  2. Monroe Residence Club, San Francisco
  3. Webster Apartments, New York City (for women only; five-year maximum stay)

Know of any others? Let us know in the comments!

ETA: We’ve since learned of a few spiritually based residences with chef-prepared meals; they might also be described as intentional communities (united by a common purpose). We suspect that coliving with meals is a much more common model among spiritual communities than among secular ones.

  • Penington Friends House, New York City: This cooperative residence for about 28 people, which my friend Peter lived in four decades ago, was built in 1897 and is still in operation today. (It even has a lovely Instagram account.) Preference is given to Friends (Quakers) and others involved in socially responsible concerns.
  • The Center at Ananda Laurelwood, Gaston, Oregon: A unique community with 150 rooms in a former Seventh-Day Adventist school, on over a hundred acres in rural Oregon, 45 minutes south of Beaverton. May be best suited for appreciators of yoga and meditation.
    • We had a lovely overnight stay there in October 2019, so were sad to learn afterward that the property has now been put up for sale (video) … but we can only imagine the challenges of managing such a large place.

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