Creating community

Our community already has a group of tiny-house aspirants who are working to create a tiny house village, so I created a group for the rest of us, Springfield/Eugene Micro-Dwellers, using the magic of Meetup. In our first month, we’ve attracted two dozen folks with eclectic experiences and future plans, and have a core group of about a half dozen who’ve come to a number of events.

Surveying our members’ backgrounds, it turns out there are quite a few ways to live tiny: a motor home, a van, a converted garage, a yurt, an ecovillage, a rural intentional community, an urban artists’ collective … and I’m sure that’s only scratching the surface.

I asked members why they were interested in the group, and I’m excited about getting to know the people behind these answers:

  • “I’m interested in unconventional housing, reduced consumption, and community.”
  • “I lived in a 12×12-foot (144 sf) studio for many years in NYC and am considering converting my garage to live in now.”
  • “I just downsized from a 1,280 sf house to an 800 sf apartment. I still have too much stuff and would like to chat about letting go of things that are still important to me.”
  • “I’ve been progressively living smaller over the years and enjoy talking with other like-minded people about the joys, issues, and solutions of this lifestyle.”
  • “I recently moved here and had to drastically downsize in order to fit everything in my car. It was a great feeling to feel portable and minimalist like that. I hope to maintain this lifestyle as much as is reasonable.”
  • “I am thinking about living in a small space, building something on my property. I am just kind of scared about doing it and looking for encouragement and inspiration.”
  • “I’m going to start living in a 200 sf apt come September!”
  • “I have been living in an 87 sf micro home for three years. I’m interested in meeting like-minded people.”

It should be a very interesting summer and beyond!

Published by Sherri Schultz

Writer & change-maker exploring micro-dwelling in Eugene, Oregon. Founder of Springfield/Eugene MicroDwellers: .

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