Happy hour!

Springfield/Eugene Micro-Dwellers has had a full summer of more than 30 tours and events, so I haven’t had as much time for this blog as I’d hoped. Let’s catch up!

On Tuesday night we hosted the first of what will be monthly happy hours, with no agenda other than chatting. It’s always a good sign when a social event lasts for longer than you had planned!

We finally said goodbye after more than two hours, but will be hosting one every month from now on. It will be on the first Tuesday of the month, 5:30-7:30pm; check our Meetup page for each month’s location (we’ll move around, at least at first).

In addition to some frequent attendees of our tours this summer, we enjoyed drop-ins at our happy hour from a gent who had seen our flyer around town and an intrepid woman conducting an exploratory presidential campaign! She’s visiting all 50 states, mostly in an RV, and is enjoying the micro-dwelling aspect of that experience. (Although not necessarily the generator difficulty her team encountered the next day.)

She was keenly interested in microhousing as a way to Live Your Passion … since low housing cost means you’re not struggling with unaffordable rent or the time/energy-suck of having a large space to maintain. We had her over for breakfast and a tour of our community of micro-studios on Wednesday. Our 45-minute conversation is here.

During our chat she asked about Eugene’s OpportUNITY Village and Conestoga huts, two innovative, extremely inexpensive ways of housing folks that were born of brilliant minds in our community. We didn’t have all the facts at our fingertips at the time, so we did a bit of research. Our next post shares a bit about these great nonprofit projects.

Published by Sherri Schultz

Writer & change-maker exploring micro-dwelling in Eugene, Oregon. Founder of Springfield/Eugene MicroDwellers: https://www.meetup.com/Micro-dwellers .

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