First Tuesday MicroDwellers social hour: meet others who care about small affordable housing

TENTATIVE featured guests on Tues., Feb. 4 (speaking for 5 minutes each on a housing-related project they are involved with) include:

  • Alexis Biddle of 1000 Friends of Oregon on what housing advocates in Corvallis and elsewhere in the state are doing
  • Heather Johnson or Fred Pitts of the local tiny-house village project
  • Eugene architect/developer Dylan Lamar with a quick minute on his Backyard Barnraising, project, designed to enable three working-class families to build and purchase a small house (~800sf) on a shared lot near downtown Springfield; may still be taking applications

Sherri s report (if time):


  • Ward 8 City Council candidate Ryan Moore on regulating entire-house short-term rentals to preserve our housing stock, an issue before the City Council; see <Empty Houses on the Block>, a recent Eugene Weekly article by Taylor Perse. Background + research on the STR issue on Sherris blog here and here.
  • Isaac Judd on the local real estate market (owner-occupied-home buyers vs. investors) and the Affordable Housing Trust Fund (on whose advisory committee he serves)
  • Eugene Weekly journalist Taylor Perse on her recent cover story featuring the Lane County Poor Farm, which operated from 1910 thru 1953: <County commissioners purchased an 87-acre farm off of a northern section of Coburg Road, which today is County Farm Road. The property was a mile south of the McKenzie River. The main farmhouse on the property was built for about $127,841 in today’s dollars…. Around 25 people lived there each month….>

Upcoming MicroDwellers events:

  • Tours of the Eugene Mission, Community Supported Shelters, and Summit Structures of Oregon (a maker of inexpensive structures in Springfield)
  • The first City Council candidates debate on housing, on the evening of Jan. 14 at Civic Winery (don t miss it!)
  • MicroDwellers (and SquareOne Villages) presentation to the Neighborhood Leaders Council Housing + Homelessness Committee (Thurs., Jan. 23 at noon, McNail-Riley House across from the fairgrounds)

All free (except $10 donation for CSS tour) — just join the Meetup group and RSVP. We are also on Facebook (where we share ideas) and Instagram (where we share photos of where we have been), both @microdwellers.

A note on timing:
Feel free to join us later if you are not able to arrive by 5:30.

Public transit options to Viking Braggot:
LTD bus: 24, 82
LTD Trip Planner:

Future possible:
March: Kim Otomo of Springfield on his innovative tiny/small housing development in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He says, <We are using an HOA with language to keep the houses owner-occupied, and also to keep the prices down, by limiting sales based on actual income data. We also are putting in place a buy-back program, similar to Habitat for Humanity developments.>

Published by Sherri Schultz

Writer & change-maker exploring micro-dwelling in Eugene, Oregon. Founder of Springfield/Eugene MicroDwellers: .

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  1. Hi Sherri! I won’t be able to make this one. I think I may just wait until spring. I’ll be back in mid February, and I wrote in the group for March 3. But I’ll check in. Btw I’m enjoying your blog! 😊 Emily

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