Lies from the White House: a message to the future

This will be repeatedly updated, hopefully only till January 20, 2021. Let us pray. Begun by a YouTube commenter. Jan. 22: “We have it totally under control.” Jan. 24: “It will all work out well.” Jan. 29: “Just received a briefing on the Coronavirus in China from all of our GREAT agencies, who are also […]

What it is like to live in a mostly-student boardinghouse during a pandemic

This may be the first in an occasional series about life in a community of microstudios near my alma mater where the rent includes meals, utilities, internet and housekeeping, aka an upscale 21st-century boardinghouse. Living in a boardinghouse may have exposed me to the virus more because of all the folks around, shared doorknobs and […]

A Eugenean’s view of San Francisco

The Thursday issue of the local newspaper featured a travel article in which a probably typical longtime Eugene resident (Oregon bestselling author and renowned Hiking Guy Bill Sullivan) appreciates San Francisco by … avoiding most of San Francisco. (I write this with affectionate bemusement, or is that bemused affection?) He and his wife stayed in […]

Report: City Club forum on short-term rentals

So this happened. This is what passes for civic dialogue on an urgent housing-related issue in Eugene in early 2020. (We need to change this.) A packed roomful of mostly retired white homeowners met at noon on a workday to hear not one but two representatives of the short-term rental (STR) industry describe its many […]

Boilerplate: Interrupting anti-homeless hate on Nextdoor/social media

Much as the election of Donald Trump sanctioned and encouraged hatred and violence toward immigrants on the national scale, the formation of the business-owners group Eugene Wake Up (which announces in its meeting notices that its meetings are closed to the public and the media) may be legitimizing and encouraging hatred of our unhoused neighbors. […]

Boilerplate response to anti-coliving articles, posts + comments

This post was written in response to the posting (without critical analysis) of an anti-co-living article on a local pro-housing Facebook page. Which shows where we are in the work to advance housing diversity here. As microdwelling options enter the public consciousness in Eugene, I am sure this will be needed again (and again) by […]

The lowdown on composting toilets: A (belated) report from World Toilet Day 2019

Springfield/Eugene MicroDwellers members Helen Goche and Fred Pitts attended the World Toilet Day event at Whirled Pies in downtown Eugene last November, organized by the sustainability nonprofit Greywater Action. They compiled such an info-packed report that I wanted to share it more widely. For those new to greywater, I have added some background on the […]

Why I will be writing about non-owner-occupied short-term rentals

Non-owner-occupied STRs are only one of many elements contributing to our citys housing shortage, and are not the primary concern of Springfield/Eugene MicroDwellers. But by a very conservative estimate, they have already removed more than 1,600 bedrooms from the local housing inventory. (A high estimate is 7,000.) Unlike many other housing advocates in Eugene, I […]

Eugene City Council Candidates Housing Questionnaire

As we are all short on time, I feel these three questions will tell me all I need to know about whether candidates would be housing champions on the City Council, which is what Eugene urgently needs to reverse the decades-long policies and attitudes that have combined to make the City the worst in the […]

Boilerplate response to ill-informed anti-homeless comments on social media

Arguably the best policy, but every so often one cant avoid it. Feel free to plagiarize or adapt the response below as you encounter anti-homeless comments on social media (and/or in real life). This particular comment featured the quaint notion that all a homeless Eugenean would have to do to be housed was to get […]