Quads: affordable living, open to all Eugeneans

13th&Olive is a building/concept/orange-and-pink intrusion at the southern edge of downtown that most Eugeneans love to hate. Its massive (for Eugene), garishly colored form looms over three city blocks, with no setbacks or street landscaping to soften the blow. And recently it was sold to Singapore investors for a considerable profit. None of that is […]

My three minutes at Build Small Live Large 2019

I am excited to be one of the five micro-friendlies on the closing panel, Housing Stories and Innovations, at the annual Build Small Live Large Summit, to be held in Portland this Thursday. (It is still not too late to register!) Our role is to put a human face on the abstractions discussed at the […]

Being kind to our unhoused neighbors means creating housing they can afford

I have been having an ongoing dialogue on Facebook, and in a meeting this past week, with some of the folks behind a free, somewhat mysterious event called the Choose Kindness Celebration, to be held today (Sunday) at a swanky downtown Eugene venue, the Shedd Institute for the Arts. The event will feature (I have […]

We need a Levittown of tiny houses

In the previous post, I wrote about the bungalow court, the predominant form of multi-family housing in Southern California from the 1910s through the 1930s and a cousin of the cottage cluster that is perhaps more prevalent in the Northwest. Reading its Wikipedia entry, I was surprised by how much it sounded like what todays […]