Report: City Club forum on short-term rentals

So this happened. This is what passes for civic dialogue on an urgent housing-related issue in Eugene in early 2020. (We need to change this.) A packed roomful of mostly retired white homeowners met at noon on a workday to hear not one but two representatives of the short-term rental (STR) industry describe its many […]

Why I will be writing about non-owner-occupied short-term rentals

Non-owner-occupied STRs are only one of many elements contributing to our citys housing shortage, and are not the primary concern of Springfield/Eugene MicroDwellers. But by a very conservative estimate, they have already removed more than 1,600 bedrooms from the local housing inventory. (A high estimate is 7,000.) Unlike many other housing advocates in Eugene, I […]

On seeing the Eugene City Council kick the can down the road once again on housing (STRs this time)

A few weeks back, in a post that provoked quite a few Comments, I wrote about how short-term rentals are yet another factor depleting housing stock in cities across America; the scope of the problem in Eugene; and what many other municipalities have done about it. This week our City Council had the opportunity to […]

Preserving rental housing in Eugene: the negative impact of Airbnb + other short-term rentals

ETA for the time-challenged: Click this link to read a 250-word summary of the key points in this post, published as a letter to Eugene Weekly in the December 19, 2019, issue. When I moved back to Eugene a year and a half ago and began encouraging Seattle friends to visit me, I was surprised […]